Cabling AROUND floor panels, not under... you don't have to dismantle floor to get cables out... just lift the capping

Any part of the floor can be removed without affecting the whole... take a panel out, to allow for a truss leg

Moving cables, and entry and exit points couldn't be simpler... lift capping, re-route and replace

Hiding cabling under the floor in a space with restricted access... look no further

  • Low Profile

    Creating a low 'platform' floor, cable channels are formed automatically when installing and connecting floor panels together.
  • Flexible

    The cable channel surrounding each panel forms a square grid pattern that facilitates ultimate flexibility in positioning of cables and furniture.
  • Durable

    The panels feature multiple pedastals, following the contour of the floor. The cable channels are covered with easily removeable caps.

Flexible Solutions

Modular / Small Form / Venue Friendly / Straightforward



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Base Connector

4-way Base Connector to connect corner pedestals of the UniPanel, to automatically form grid-pattern of 90mm cable channels

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Central Cap and Side Cap

Central Caps and Side Caps are fully accessible and inter-changeable. Users can lift the caps easily without using special tools

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Continuous Interlocking

Continuous interlocking process to lay UniPanels on the floor. It follows the floor contour with no levelling required

Key Benefits

Using technology in floor systems to solve cable management solutions

High Capability

Maximises usable space between floor and ceiling whilst maintaining a high cable-carrying capacity due to size and number of channels.

User Friendly

Cables are free to be added, rerouted and respositioned, by just lifting the caps with no need for specialist tools or skills.

High Changeability

An ideal solution for temporary events and semi-permanent situations where reconfiguring and relocation are essential.

Environmentally Friendly

Meets the high standard of 'Green Building Materials'. 100% reusable and 100% recyclable, More sustainable events.

Rapid Deployment

Small form, modular and quick & easy to install area by area, minimising interference to others and surrounding spaces.

Cost Effective

Time saving and labour saving as trades can work alongside each other and services can be installed after the floor is laid.


Widely used; temporary events, experiential and exhibitions, new build, renovations and refurbishments, and upgrading commercial, public institutions and private houses

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Offices & Rest Areas

cabling of power, data and communications to desks, meeting tables, and rest and reception areas

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Retail & Experiential

power to display islands, interactive displays, till points and popup events

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Temporary Events

linking power, audio and video to lecterns, top tables, registration areas, speakers, and screens

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Exhibitions & Expos

use as a platform to your stand to distribute cabling to displays - grid pattern provides efficient placement of services

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Listed Buildings

retrofit where needs to be freestanding to the environment protecting ensuring no damage and no fixings

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Technology Hubs

use as cable ducting where a large concentration of cabling is required - provides complete flexibity to add, move, and change as required

Key Components

Straight forward, easy to lay down and take up...


Infofloor consists of UniPanel (main panel), Base Connector, Central Cap and Side Cap

Module Set: 500 mm X 500 mm

System Height: 50mm

Cable Channel Width: 70mm

Cable Channel Clearance: 38mm

UniPanel: AD-311R

Size: 430 mm X 430 mm X 50 mm

Made of recycled poly-propylene

Base Connector:

Size: 141.5 mm X 141.5 mm X 15 mm

Made of recycled ABS plus poly-carbonate

Central Cap:

Size: 114 mm X 114 mm

12 mm thick recycled ABS plus poly-carbonate

Side Cap:

Size: 192 mm X 94 mm

12 mm thick recycled ABS plus poly-carbonate


5 years warranty (except when product is subject to abuse, negligence, abnormal use and not in compliance with Infofloor installation instructions).

Fire Retardant Rating

The main panel meets NFPA 253 class A rating as tests in accordance with ASTM E-648 Critical Radiant Flux. Also meets UL94 V-2 and BS476 Part 7 B2.

Weight Loading

545kg per sqm, 260kg point load. The Infofloor system will take considerably more uniform load exceeding all relevant codes of practice, guidance and recommendations. Please contact us for specific ratings applicable to your project.

Surface Floor Covering

Suitable for most types of commercial carpet tiles, foamback needlecord carpet, laminate flooring and commercial vinyl tiles.


Ramp, Edging & Cable Exit

Flexible Solutions

Modular / Small Form / Venue Friendly / Straightforward

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